Good afternoon dear Aqua families, hope you are all doing well.

Today is passing by so quickly and its nearly the end of July. Hope the restrictions will loosen and life will get back to normal soon.

Our early morning started with spontaneous show and tell time where Nishka showed her peers her baby doll and her suitcase. All her peers listened to Nishka and demonstrated lovely turn taking to look at her toys.

Some children flexed their body movements and did some Yoga poses with Carolina which was lots of fun.

PEEK-A-BOO!” exclaimed Molly and Remi. They pretended to be hiding under the table from the big bad wolf and a cranky bear.

Outside, Teresia showed off her great cooking skills and made some pasta for her educators and peers. Whereas Iris pretended calling her mum from her office. Pretend plays provides many opportunities for children to enhance their social skills, language development and imagination.

We always enjoy listening to stories and singing morning songs with our peers and educators. They have demonstrated good listening skills as well as developed their confidence to share their own stories.

A group of Aqua friends decided to cook their dinner together. They used scissors to cut their dinner into pieces enhancing their fine motor skills.

Della and Remi enjoyed painting and mentioned they both made flowers that are the same in their garden.

Henry and Isabel enjoyed their indoor time with cars in the construction area. They build some towers and pretend to rescue some people from the fire.

The day in Aqua was full of fun and exploration.

Have a good evening

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