Hello, Crimson families. It’s Monday, the start of a new week!! We have kept our attention on health and safety and had a great time!


At group time, we gathered on the mat and discussed the current situation of Coronavirus. When Katherine asked “What is Coronavirus?”,

Oscar T answered “Coronavirus makes us sick.”,

Oscar W added “It’s really really small.”.

Then Katherine asked “What we should do to avoid getting coronavirus?”,

Lily “We can put some signs.”

Julia “Wash your hands.”

Arda “When you cough, put your arm over the mouth.”

Ryan “Wear masks”

After that, we listen to our friend’s news. This week’s topic is “The photo of sustainable practices we do at home or outdoors.”. As no one raised their hand for news on this topic, Lily, Laura, and Oscar W took the opportunity to share news on other topics.

Lily – Showed us her drawing. She explained “This is a drawing for Coronavirus. This is a symbol to stop Coronavirus. These dots are Coronavirus. “

Laura – Showed us unicorn ring and bracelet. She said “This is my unicorn ring and this is my unicorn bracelet. I get them when I went to Amelia’s birthday party. Amelia is my sister’s friend.”

Oscar W – Showed us 4 rocks. He said, “I found it on the way here. See how tiny this rock is. There is million size.“. And he asked his peers “What does this rock looks like?”, Julia answered “That looks like a tent.”, Arda said “Umbrella.”.

Thank you, Lily, Laura, and Oscar W!


After, it was time for the learning centre.

Children who decided to stay indoor extended their interest in Coronavirus. By looking at picture, children made a drawing of what the virus looks like, which is usually invisible to them. They expressed their idea while used their coordination skills and imagination. Julia did two drawings. She said one is a female Coronavirus and she is poisonous, and another one is a water virus. Oscar W drew a face inside of the virus and said that Coronavirus is thinking to get people sick. In the block corner, Arya, Joshan, and Laura were building a city. They said that the city needed animals, people, trees and big houses. So Laura put the house on top of the building.


Children who decided to spend their time on the deck engaged in a great discussion about Tokyo Olympics. Lily said she saw lots of flags from different countries. Oscar T said he watched Gymnastics and baseball games. After, children were invited to create Olympic Rings in 5 colors, Red, Yellow, Black, Green, and Blue. While creating them, children had a chat about what each color represents. And also, they talked about which sports are they interested in and which do they want to see on TV. After, children enjoyed playing in the sandpit as well as in the yard.


Thank you for the fun Monday. See you tomorrow!

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