It’s Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We are excited to learn all about the Olympics over the next few months! The children will be able to join in with Olympic themed arts and craft and multiple different sports! We are very excited!

Today the children enjoyed group time with their educators where they talked about where they come from! This week, we will be exploring our nationalities and creating lots of different flags together that represent where the children and their educators are from!

Let’s kick off the week with yoga … not technically an Olympic sport, but our children beg to differ! We had a lot of fun stretching our bodies and jumping around to develop our gross motor skills, balance and coordination.

The children enjoyed sitting with Afroz to learn more about where she comes from! Afroz is from Bangladesh and she shared her national flag with the children. They used their fine motor skills to glue a red circle onto a green background and broadened their understanding of the world around them 😊

Today has been a lot of fun and the children enjoyed dancing with Sandra, exploring the sand pit, building towers with blocks and drawing together!

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