Happy Monday!

During group time, the children sang ‘Good Morning songs’, and read some books with Tima.  We started the letter of week “Ee”. Then the children were encouraged to share if they knew anything that begins with an ‘Ee’ sound. Elaria said “E is for me” and Tima said “That’s right! Do we have any more friends in the classroom whose name start with letter ‘E’?” and Edward said “Me”, and Elise said “me too”. The children’s knowledge of objects that begin with the ‘Ee’ sound was scaffolded with pictures and stories. They were able to identify that elephant, eleven, egg and elevator all start with “Ee”.

Henry brought a beautiful book “Ten Little Elves” and he told everyone about his book.

After that Tima started to talk about the Olympics Games and she explained what the Olympic rings  mean. She said that we have 5 colours and it represents like a 5 continents around the world coming together. Tima ask children what sports they are practicing and they said:

Eddie: “ Running” he said “Tima I watched on the tv one girl got a swimming medal with Daddy”

Louis: “I watched swim on the tv with family”

Elaria: “Gymnastics“

Georgia: “Soccer ball”

Henry: “Bike with Daddy”

Levi: “ Bike”

Elise: “ I watched a Gymnastics on the Tv”

We talked about Covid, and how is important to maintain our hygiene, cleaning our hands, eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits and covering our mouths if we cough. We practice coughing in to our elbows too.

During learning centre time, the children made the Olympic Rings with the 5 different colours, they really enjoyed it. Some children helped to their teachers to paint a white background to display the Olympic rings when they are finished.

With Alejandra, children did an obstacle course. They had to crawl through the circle, go around the next obstacle, balance along the balance beam and jump when they finished. They were required to wait for a turn which they did patiently, use their gross motor skills and spatial awareness to navigate the course.

In the afternoon, children did meditation with Rosanna. They listened to music and talked to each other using gentle voices so it was very relaxing.

During free play time, the children chose what they would like to do, including, drawing, playing in the kitchen corner where they had fun making some food for friends. Children loved it and spent quality time engaging in their own learning and development.






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