Hello, Crimson families. Thanks to the beautiful weather, the children were all very busy exploring learning spaces.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and again discussed our health and safety. We reinsured that we need to wash our hands with soap while singing the Happy birthday song twice. And also, we need to cover our mouth with an elbow when we sneeze.  After that, we listen to our friend’s news. This week’s topic is “The photo of sustainable practices we do at home or outdoors.”. Arya and Lily shared sustainable practices with us today.

Arya – Showed us spring onions growing in a can. She said “My mum plants it every morning. And we give water every day. When I have water in my cup, I give it to plants. We keep plants in the backyard to dry.” Jack A asked the question “Where did you get it?”, Arya answered “From my home. My mum plants it.”

Lily – Showed us photos of Lily and her brother went to Bushwalking. She said “This was my first bushwalk with my brother. He was wearing one of my beanies. This is near park near my house. End of the park, there is an entrance for bushwalk. I like to relax near the water.” Euan asked the question “Where are your mum and dad?”, Lily answered, “They are taking pictures.”.


Then Evelyn and Ava showed us their drawing.

Evelyn – “This is my drawing. I used red paper because I like red. This is same color as my dress. I drew handprint. I drew a lot of fingers. I think I used black color a lot.” Jeffrey asked the question “Where did you do it?”, Evelyn answered, “On the table.”

Ava – “This is a card for Maddison. Because she doesn’t come back until Coronavirus is gone. I used yellow paper because I think she likes yellow and pink.”


Thank you, Arya, Lily, Evelyn, and Ava!


After, it was time for the learning centre. It was all about Tokyo Olympics!

Children who decided to stay indoor talked about sports and body parts in conjunction with each sport. They shared their favourite sports and analyzed the body parts required for those sports. The children then created pictograms by cutting and pasting pieces of paper to express their interest in the sport. On the other table, children engaged in playdough play and construction with magnetic tiles.


Children who decided to spend their time in the yard had a discussion and became aware of the importance of preparing and doing warm-ups before exercise or doing sports. Then they lined up and walked, run, skip, hop around the yard to warm up their body.


We had a very fun Tuesday. See you tomorrow!

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