Happy Tuesday! They children have had a fantastic time learning more about the Olympics today 😊

We engaged the children in conversations and discussions about the Olympics during group time. The children loved looking through images of the Olympic torch, the medals and different athletes competing in sports like gymnastics, swimming, tennis and weightlifting!

Next up … yoga! We had a lot of fun moving our bodies and creating different animal poses. Our daily yoga sessions are great for promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical development!

Today the children were invited to sit down and create the Olympic rings! They used 5 different colours and plastic cups to stamp the circles onto their paper. We had so much fun!

Sandra is from Ecuador and she shared her national flag with the children! Together they used glue and coloured paper to create their own flags!

Thank you for sharing your nationalities with the team! Now we have lots of different flags to make over the next few weeks! 😊

The weather was lovely and the children had a lovely day exploring the outdoor environments, playing in the sand and playing with playdough!

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