It is so wonderful to feel the weather getting warmer and the children are exploring lots outside due to this.

A small group started the morning off with Katherine walking on the line getting ready for our own special Olympics in the Aqua room.

Inside Elizabeth enjoyed becoming the builder and using her fine motor skills to transport sand from on vehicle to another.

Emmeline enjoyed exploring the dough with shapes and different cutters, manipulating them to make a shape in the dough.

Ethan and Billy enjoyed showing their creative side and making a lovely painting on the paper using read and yellow paint. Billy was super proud of it showing his teacher the marks he made.

It was so nice to see Sara return and join us, Nishka was super excited, and they explored lots of areas but enjoyed drawing and being the teachers together.

After our group times today, we joined Donna and our peers to complete in our own games for Aqua Olympics.

First was the throwing game, we used our beanbag to throw as far as we can.

Next up came came swimming on the table (Donna helped here) but we were super swimmers.

Then we crawled under our chairs and walked across the beam to reach the end.

We were amazing and all won a gold medal from Donna.

What a super fun day at Aqua today.

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