Hello, Crimson families. It was another beautiful weather today! All the children enjoyed staying outside and had a very active day.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about Tokyo Olympics. Today, we focused on Olympic rings. We learned there are 5 rings in 5 different colours, and each colour represents a continent. The children made an active guess about each continent.  There was no news time today as no one had news on the topic. This week’s topic is “The photo of sustainable practices we do at home or outdoors.”. If your child is on the roster for tomorrow or the next day, please bring the news!


After, it was time for the learning centre.

Children who decided to stay indoor extended their interest in Olympic rings to the continents. The children watched a short video and sang together the songs of the continents mentioned in the video. They also paid attention to the location and size of each continent. After, Oscar W shaped each continent using playdough. And he said, “Australia is the last one in the song because it’s small.”. That’s right, Oscar!!! Arya and Belian used their fine motor and coordination skills to use scissors and created a Pictogram of the Tokyo Olympics. Shona spent a long time on the drawing table. She didn’t forget to put her name on and proudly showed Shoko that she used Capital and lower case letters. Imri and Thomas focused on construction. Imri combined magnetic tiles, dinosaurs and people together and made a story about people looking for dinosaurs. On the other hand, Thomas used Mobilo and built a spaceship.


Children who decided to spend their time in the yard had a chance to observe the globe. They looked carefully at the globe and tried to find each continent and the countries they knew. They looked for Australia of course, that was easy!! After discussion, children engaged in physical activities such as going through the obstacle course, jumping, climbing, getting under the balance bean and running. Children demonstrated the best skill to wait for their turns and stayed in the line. And they did not forget to cheer and support their friends!

Elliot also enjoyed the outdoor play.

What a fun day we had! See you tomorrow.

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