It’s Wednesday in the Emerald room and we are busy learning about the Olympics and celebrating where we come from by making flags!

We sat down for group time with our educators, where we read our favourite books and sang lots of songs! We played with puppets and learnt more about the Olympics by talking about them together and looking at photos! We enjoy our group times together and love to learn new vocabulary and ideas!

We also enjoy our daily yoga sessions! This morning the children were excited to jump around, stretch and practice yoga together. It’s a lovely way to improve physical development and gross motor skills!

Today the children continued making flags with their educators! Ekta is from Nepal and the children painted their flag before sticking on symbols. Affa is from Indonesia, the children loved gluing and sticking the white and red flag! Rita, Cindy and Jasmine are from China … the children had so much fun painting the flag red and stamping on the yellow stars!

We also painted the Olympic torch today! The children painted the torch with red and yellow and waited for them to dry. When the paint had dried, we passed on the flame from torch to torch!

Today the children listened to the Olympic theme tune and played along to it with bells! The children pushed the button on top to make the bell ‘ding’!

Thanks again for such a fun-filled day 😊

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