The weather is getting warmer and the children are enjoying our nice sunny and warm days.

Alegria started her morning by making some happy and sad faces for Charlotte and mentioned she missed her. Iris, Joey, Matilda and Elizabeth spent their time reading books to their babies.

Outside, our chefs demonstrated their good imagination skills and prepared some rainbow cupcakes for Madeleine mentioning that it’s her birthday today.

Rupert enjoyed passing balls to Katherine and had fun whilst some children loved playing with fairy dolls with dolly house.

In literacy time, the children enjoyed listening to stories with Natasha. Molly shared stories about the parrot she brought from home and the children shared their routine for brushing their teeth with Liza and demonstrated their skills to her.

group time allows children to develop their language skills, self-esteem and confidence as well as promotes their sense of agency.

Amelia and Celina participated in a experience where they identified the parts of body and stuck them accordingly.

Outside, the children actively participated in our Aqua Olympic games, they have been enjoying the experience this week and have completed the course the teachers set up daily for them. Today they loved the tunnel added and the ring. Displaying good hand and eye coordination the children attempted to throw the ball through the hoop.

Some of the children have being talking about shopping, so for them to explore we set up a mini market for exploration play.

We would like to wish Madeleine a big happy 3rd Birthday. Thank you for sharing the lovely pink sprinkle cup cakes with us. We hope you had a wonderful birthday.

It’s being an eventful day and the children have had many smiles and laughter within the room. Have a nice evening and please take care everyone.

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