Happy Thursday! The sun has been shining and it was a great day to kick off our first Emerald Room Olympic event … Football/Soccer!

We started our day with group time! The children have enjoyed reading books with Robyn about diggers, playing with Cindy’s toys and singing songs with puppets with Ekta! Group time is a great way to expand our vocabulary and learn more about the world around us!

Yoga this morning was lots of fun! We practiced being frogs and used our big leg muscles to jump up and down. We finished off the session with some meditation where the children have been practicing their breathing 😊

Today’s Olympic sport was Football or Soccer! The children had a lot of fun kicking the ball to each other and watching it roll around the garden. The children are improving their gross motor skills, balance and coordination through experiencing different sports!

Bernice is from Mexico and today she shared her national flag with the children! They used their fine motor skills to glue and stick coloured paper balls onto their paper to make the flag!

They participated in a group activity with Ekta to continue our ‘Jungle Animal’ project! Today, the children painted black stripes onto a big piece of paper, just like a zebra!

What a fantastic and fun day! Everyone had the opportunity to join in with Football, arts and crafts and even paint their feet 😊

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