Good afternoon Magenta families and hope your day is going well,

We started our day with group time where the children enjoyed singing their good morning songs and action songs with Tima. We read our stories and continued on with our discussion about the Olympics and what it means to us to try our best at any activity we choose. Group time is beneficial because it allows the children to develop their sense of diversity and enhance their self-esteem.

Followed by learning centre time, the children enjoyed taking part in our obstacle course  and long jump with Tima and Alejandra in the crimson yard where they jumped in the sand. The teachers marked how far they jumped. This activity facilitates the children gross motor movement and body coordination. Well done all our Magenta Children.

Luca: “Woo Hoo! have you seen my jump”

Eddie: “My Best Jump”

Once all the children finished their jumps, they had time to play with the equipment in the Crimson Room.

Isla: “My favorite activity was playing in the sandpit and the cubby house”

Olivia: “My favorite activity was making a sand cake in the sand pit”

Isabelle, Charlotte, Olivia and Isla enjoyed their creations using play-dough with Alejandra. They interpreted their imagination via their 3D models.

Alice was delighted to make an Olympic medal with Tima and she said “I won this medal for swimming”.

We also had some self select activities in the Magenta yard and this allows the children to reflect upon their unique self-identity and promote their social and emotional learning.

We had a great day filled with learning and exploration.

We hope you have a lovely evening, take care and see you all tomorrow

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