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The weather looks amazing in the morning and sun is slowly coming out. The children explored the outdoor environment in the yard and stretched their body parts. We discussed our Friday activities and The Olympic games that they watched last night. The children performed The Olympic games actions in yard with their friends. We also talked about different countries and their flags in the morning.

In the morning, the children gathered for group time and everybody came forward with issues about the current corona virus situation. We discussed the corona virus and restrictions in the community from the government. The children talked about their weekend plans and talked about being safe from the corona virus.  After this, the children came forward with News Time from their bags.

Some of the group time discussions from News time are as follows:

Eve- A drawing for my mum and dad with different colours. She explained about the use of different colours in the paper. She also explained that her mum loves the colour red.

Euan: I got a book that explained all your answers about this world. This book is called ‘Question and answer about world ‘. I bought this book from shop or maybe someone gave it to me for Christmas. I have read this book once.

Laura: This is my rainbow clip from Santa in Christmas. I love rainbows in my clip.

The children were looking confident and communicating effectively throughout their News time. For next week News Time, children will be discussing about sports, science, and space.

In the activities, children were involved in playdough with rollers and shape makers. Children were talking about their favourite part of playdough and cake making with pink playdough. In the other side, some children were involved in constructive play with magnets followed by playing with dinosaurs and rockets. They were pretending they were astronauts travelling their rockets in space.

Continuing learning from morning, we explored the world globe. Children drew their own globe explaining the nature of planet Earth.

Laura- My planet has all people on top.

Euan- I explored south pole, Japanese flag, and Australian map.

In addition, children created their own flower plate using their imagination with buttons and sticks. Alexia and Eve were discussing each other flower’s size. Following up with constructive play, children developed their marble run using magnets. They were exploring different ways of marble run using magnets.

The children had a wonderful day full of excitement, learning activities and experimentations. Next week we will be following up on fine and gross motor skills of the children through sports. Also, we will be looking at improving STEM skills through different learning experiences and explorations.

Thank you and have a nice weekend

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