Friday is here! Another week has been and gone in the Emerald room and the children have had a great time 😊

Today we started with our usual winning combination of group time, followed by yoga! During group time, the children sat down with their educators to read books and sing songs. We’ve been talking a lot about The Olympics and looking at photos of sports and athletes too.

Yoga was a great time to stretch our bodies and create big movements with our arms and legs! We practiced our animal poses and worked together seamlessly!

We’ve been so busy making different flags this week, today the children were invited to create the Australian flag! They painted their paper blue and stamped white stars on too! We had fun learning about where we are living by making a flag!

The children continued painting their feet red to make beautiful flowers! This was such a fun and tickly sensation on their toes! 😊

Today the children had a lovely day exploring the sand pit, playing with play dough and practicing their drawing skills! Have a happy and safe weekend 😊

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