Welcome to the last day of the week!!

We started our day doing Yoga with Alejandra and the children love it! They had a fun time following the poses and repeating the names of the animals in English and Spanish.

During group time, the children enjoyed singing morning songs with Alejandra and Daniel. They sang the Good morning song in different languages and the days of the week. Alejandra reminded the  children the letter of the week is  “Ee” and also reminded the children to bring something from home next week to start with letter “Ff”.

We were reading the book ‘Dino-Mummy’ and Henry said “ I really like the book and Lola is at home with Mummy”

Charlotte said “When I was a baby I was in Aqua and they have this book with Cd”

The other book was ‘Dear Zoo’! “Let’s practice Spanish” Alejandra said.  All the children recognised all the animals in English and continued improving their Spanish words.

Henry: “I brought paper for drawing” (Envelopes)

During learning centre, the children enjoyed taking part in an obstacle course with Alejandra where they played soccer in the yard, running with Olympic props and handle. This activity facilitates children’s gross movement and hand-body coordination.

Everyone had an Olympic medal for this week well done guys!! J

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Eddie, Happy 4 years on Sunday and Thank you for sharing these yummy cakes with us!

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