Welcome back Aqua group. We hope you had a nice weekend as much as you can while staying safe. Today the children all arrived full of smiles and good mornings for their peers and teachers.

Maya started her morning off exploring the fairy castle, she loved pressing the buttons and seeing it lighting up.

A small group explored in the kitchen area and enjoyed playing with the long cushions.

Iris picked out some nice stories she wanted to look at and sat by herself and explored the pictures in the books.

Emmeline loved pulling and pushing the new cart around the sandpit. She put a teddy in it and gave him a spin inside.

Group time was full of nursery rhymes and stories that were requested like frozen. The children display great listening skills now, and love sitting to listen to their favourite books.

After group time came learning centre time and the children were invited to explore sand with different tools.  Eliza manipulated the tools so the sand could fall through the jug.

Some of the children used fine motor skills to get the water in the syringe and transferred it from one container to the other, they mixed the colours and were excited to see the colour getting darker. A small group did some threading on the boards with pipe cleaners.

Alison joined Poppy and Carolina to build a large tower, when she had completed it she said ‘’again’’.

Della and Remi enjoyed time together caring for the dolls at the home corner, Della has recently became a big sister and is showing great interest in caring for the dolls lately.

Some of the children displayed good creativity as they sat and made a lovely picture, just look at Isla’s picture she drew of her Mommy she told Komalpreet.

Some of the children completed an obstacle course set up to support their understanding of the Olympic games.

What a fun filled day we had. Have a nice evening everyone.

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