Hello, Crimson families. Welcome to another fun week and fun month in Burns bay cottage! Just a quick reminder to families: we like to remind you to bring a hat for your child. Thank you for your understanding.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about what we did over the weekend. A lot of children said they went to the park, others said they stayed at home and spend quality time with their families.  After, we listened to our friend’s news. Today, Laura presents us with news related to the topic. This week’s topic for news time is “Olympics and sports”.

Laura – showed us some stickers with Australian Olympic athletes. She explained “They are from Woolworths. You collect them from the shops. I have a lot of stickers in my bag to share with everyone.“


Oscar W and Nicky showed us their special things from home.

Oscar W –  showed us his special toy. He said “It’s my toy. I think this is from the movie about space. But I can’t watch it. I can see it when I’m bigger. Arya asked the question “Where did you get it from?”, Oscar answered “From McDonald’s”

Nicky – shared his book. He explained “This is paper airplane book. These airplanes are cool. Me and my daddy used instructions that are on the paper to make paper airplanes. There are so many different airplanes. The green, the yellow, the red and the blue one.” Arda asked question “How did you make them? (Paper airplanes)”, Nicky answered, “You need to follow the instructions.”

Thank you, Laura, Oscar W and Nicky to share the news!


After, it was time for the learning centre.

Children who decided to stay indoor extended their interest in Olympics. First, they had a discussion about winning and losing. We all agreed that we don’t always win the game, sometimes we lose. However, we keep practising to be better. Then children were happy to create their own gold medals by cutting and drawing. After, it was time to go in the yard and be active! Children had time to do some warm-ups and went through an obstacle course.


The children decided to spend time on the deck explored literacy, especially their names. One by one they stepped forward and wrote their names on the whiteboard. They didn’t forget to pay attention to upper and lower case letters. After, children were invited to do some painting. Some of them chose to paint with cotton balls, others chose to paint with a brush. Either way, children used their imagination to create beautiful paintings.


At the afternoon tea time, we enjoyed Finn’s birthday cake! Thanks for bringing the delicious and very cool cupcakes, Finn!


Thank you for the fun Monday! See you tomorrow.

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