Good Afternoon everyone, we had a happy Monday!!

Tima started group time with the children, where they sang some of their favourite songs, like ‘You Are My Sunshine’, the ‘Good Morning’ song in different languages and the days on the week. They sang the ‘ABC’ song and Elaria stood up to sing with Tima and her friends! After that, Tima asked Louis to go outside and check the weather and when he came back, he said “ its Sunny day” and she asked him to draw a sun on the whiteboard! Well done Louis!!

The children listened to some stories. We were sharing toys and things from home because the letter of the week is “Ff” and the children were excited to show everyone.

Henry: “I brought a Fan”

Isla: “ I brought a Flamingo”

The children did some Olympic games in the Crimson yard with Tima and Alejandra.

Louis, Isla, Georgia and Levi played in the cubby house.

Eddie and Henry went in a car to the beach. Elise and Isla took the car and went shopping.

Henry, Louis, Thomas and Eddie said they had broken the car and started pushing it to the garage.

Georgia, Alannah and Elaria went to the frozen shop in the car.

The Magenta children enjoyed feeding the Guinea pig in the Crimson yard and also they said hello to the chickens J

There was a lot digging in the sand pit because all the children were looking for treasure.

Isla found magic butterflies and other children found treasure too.

Elaria showed her friends how they can do Gymnastics exercises and started teaching her friends gymnastics. The children were practicing their balancing skills and running with Alejandra. After that, they made medals with Tima! What a fun morning!! They got 13 gold medals 🥇

In the afternoon, the children did meditation with Rosana inside and they chose their activities inside and outside.

We all had a nice day in BBC!

See you tomorrow!

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