Hello, Crimson families. It was another beautiful day, wasn’t it? Just a quick reminder to families: we like to remind you to bring a hat for your child. Thank you for your understanding.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about Tokyo Olympics. We had to guess about the medals won by each country.  After, we listened to our friend’s news. Today, Lily and Levi presented us with news related to the topic. This week’s topic for news time is “Olympics and sports”.

Lily – showed us two swimming goggles. She said “It works when I go to water. Mummy and daddy got them for me. I use them when I go to swimming. She also showed us a ball. She said she likes to kick it and roll it.

After Nicky shared a very interesting story about his nana. He said, “My nana was swimming racer. And she was the winner.”. Wow, We would like to know more about it!

Levi – showed us a tennis ball. He said “I found it from my house. “ Arda asked the question “Why did you bring it today?”, Levi answered “I love the colour of the ball. I love the green colour.”


Arya, Thomas, Nicky, Jack, and Max W showed us their special things from home.

Arya –  showed us a wooden stick. She explained, “I found it from the beach when I went to Tasmania. It was a long time ago.”. Ava asked the question “Where did you find it?”, Arya answered, “In the water. When I was swimming with dolphins. It was next to the seaweed. I ate seaweed salad and sushi rolls.”

Nicky – shared his book “Aliens Love Underpants”. He explained “This is a book about underpants. I got it from my friend Mateo. My friend likes sharing. Oscar T asked the question “Why did your friend give it to you?”, Nicky answered “My friend had two same books. So he gave it to me.”

Thomas – shared his book “Fish out of water”. He said “I found it at my home. I got it for my Christmas gift. “ Then Thomas promised to help Amol cleaning the fish tank next time so he can find a fish!

Jack – showed us his cream. He said “This is my cream. I bought it from the cream shop.” Oscar T asked the question “Who gave it to you?”, Jack answered “My daddy.”. Oscar W also asked the question “Which shop did you get it?, Jack’s answer was “Cream shop in Lane cove.”

Max W – showed us stickers. He explained, “I got stickers. I got it from my friends. These are superhero stickers.”. Ryan asked the question “Why did your friends give it to you stickers?”, Max W answered “Because I like superheroes. I love all the boy ones.” We could see he loves superheroes as he wears T-shirts with iron Man on!


Thank you, Lily, Levi, Arya, Thomas, Jack, Max W and Nicky to share the news!



After, it was time for the learning centre.

Children who decided to stay indoor enthusiastically made matching cards with 45 sports icons on them. Niky used his eye-hand coordination to cut each card so we can play together. At the other table, Julia, Oscar W, Levi, and Thomas made the Olympic rings colourful. They paid attention to the colours of each ring and what they represent.


The children decided to spend time on the deck also engaged in some Olympic related activities. Max W, Ryan and Oscar T enjoyed shaping the Olympic rings with playdough. They used playdough tools to make patterns on the rings too. Evelyn and Alexia practised their fine motor skills to create patterns with coloured pasta.


In the afternoon, Alejandra came and Jack, Max W, Euan, Nicky, Arya, Oscar W, Evelyn and Lily enjoyed the dancing lesson.


Thank you for the fun Tuesday! See you tomorrow.

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