Hello and welcome back to another week and a new month in the Emerald room! Our Olympic journey continues with new sports to explore and it’s also Dental Health week! 😊

Today, during group time, the children sat down with their educators to welcome their friends, read books, sing songs and learn more about the events happening in the world! Together, the children talked about the importance of brushing their teeth and looked at photos of different sports! The children are learning so much and their vocabulary is expanding too!

We started the week with yoga! A fun time of the day to exercise our gross motor skills and get active!

The children are pretending to be doctors today! They used the equipment from the doctors set to check their babies and make them all better!

The children enjoyed using their fine motor skills to glue and stick cotton balls onto a tooth! They love to show their educator where their teeth are by showing their big smiles! 😊

Today, the children played Beach Volleyball during the Emerald room Olympics! They had so much fun playing with the ball in the sand pit. We practiced our throwing and catching skills and also learnt how to bump the ball up with our arms! Thanks for playing!

What a great way to start our week!

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