Tuesday is here and the children have had another fun-filled, jam-packed day of activities and learning!

During group time this morning, the children enjoyed reading stories, singing songs, playing with finger puppets and in Ekta’s group time, the children had fun using their fine motor skills to thread pasta onto string to make a snake! 😊

A little bit of yoga to wake up the body! We practice yoga everyday and the children are enjoying every minute of it. Together we move our bodies into animal poses and work on our gross motor skills.

Continuing with Dental Health week … the children brushed some big teeth with shaving foam and toothbrushes! They talked about keeping their teeth clean after eating and sat down together to look at what foods are good for your teeth and what foods are not!

And for today’s Olympic games … Table tennis! We had so much fun today using the ping-pong paddle to hit the ball over the net. The children enjoyed using the new equipment and quickly learnt how to use it on their own! What a fun experience 😊

We made a Japanese flag today! The children used a cylindrical block and red paint to create the red circle in the middle! This year, the Olympics is held in Tokyo, Japan … and we also have Isla and Lui who come from Japan too!

Thank you for another fabulous day 😊

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