Good afternoon Magenta families and hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week.

We had a great start to our day here in Magenta room with lots of our friends helping their teachers welcome their friends as they arrived throughout the morning.

After a wonderful, yummy morning tea of crackers and assorted fresh fruit we had a morning of self select activities and this encourages the children to work together as a team to help their friends find activities and invite their friends and peers to join in with their activities. it is such a wonderful way to encourage language development and problem solving into our daily routine.  It was such a wonderful morning of everyone showing their kindness and friendship.

For learning centre time we have been focusing on our magenta Olympics and our gross motor skills are coming along wonderful. Some of our Olympic sports today were shot-put and ball catching and throwing focusing on our hand and eye coordination.

Furthering on with our letter of the week Isla brought in her Frozen book and what a joy it was for Isla to share her treasured book with Magenta.  Thanks Isla for sharing the letter F with us today.

Some of our other activities we had today was lego land, building construction site where we are building the Magenta Towers, relaxation reading area in our little garden space, drawing where the children further extended their fine motor skills through drawing. We have also been practicing our playdough making skills and today we made bright yellow play dough to make 3d creations from our story books and our imagination.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening and see you all tomorrow,

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