Happy hump day to all the Aqua group. We had a good day and had lots of fun exploring.

Starting the morning off was a small group in the kitchen area cooking up storms for each other.

‘’I want pancakes’’ Poppy said to Alegria. ‘’Ok’’ Alegria said.

‘’I want brekkie’’ Claire said.

Alegria worked hard and gave everyone their brekkie.

Outside there was a lot happening. The children played so nicely together, it is so nice to see Alison so settled, Nishka has become her best friend and has helped Alison settle within the group.

Thomas really enjoyed becoming the builder, he put his hard hat on and worked hard moving and dumping the dirt from the trucks.

The cubby house as always was popular, and India had fun saying peek-a-boo with us.

Annabel showed how strong she was and rolled the tyre around the area and so did Sara.

Group time we read books about the winter weather, counted in Spanish with Katherine and Alegria and also talked about the initial of our name.

Learning centre time came and with Katherine we traced the initial of our names.

With Liza we competed in the Olympic Games we jumped, balanced, and skipped our way through the course.

With Trish we sat and did some cutting, Alison Showed off her control with the scissors amazing and so are all our other little cutters.

With Natasha the children looked at the life cycle of the frog, its eggs the tadpoles and then how it becomes the frog. The children were so interested in this activity and were engaged for a long time.

What a fun Wednesday we had together. Please stay safe everyone and have a nice evening.

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