Happy Wednesday from everyone in the Emerald room! Today the children have been busy learning about their dental health and exploring a sensory tray 😊

The children had so much fun during group time this morning! They played games with Cindy and her special box of toys, sang lots of songs with Ekta and read books and looked at photos of the Olympics with Robyn. We love to take this time to engage meaningfully with the children through conversations and social interactions!

We love yoga! Today, the children were excited to join in with yoga and helped set up the mats and take each other’s shoes and socks off. We moved our bodies to our yoga songs and practiced our animal poses.

The children have been having so much fun brushing the pictures of teeth with real toothbrushes and toothpaste! It’s minty fresh 😊 This is a great way to encourage the children to maintain healthy teeth and understand that brushing teeth each day keeps them clean and healthy!

Today, the children explored a sensory tray with natural materials like leaves and sand with small world jungle animals! We had fun stomping like elephants and roaring like tigers.

We used our fine motor skills to decorate a rainbow fish!

Today has been lots of fun and the children have been busy exploring! They loved playing on the bikes, playing with playdough and building towers!

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