Happy Thursday Aqua group, we are almost at the weekend again. Time goes so quick in the Aqua room because we have so much fun together as you can see from all our big smiles.

The children are so settled and making many connections together. Nishka and Alison have formed a little bond together and are seen throughout the day holding hands and exploring together.

In the sandpit a group got together to make the biggest mountain, Nicholas used the spade and dug the biggest hole while Joey and Iris helped with the trolly. They worked so hard as a team to complete the task.

Morning tea was yummy, we had jam and vegemite on English muffin and juicy oranges.

Group time was full of lovely stories that the teachers wanted to share with the children, and they were so engaged in them, the children are displaying longer listening skills at group times every day.

At Liza’s group time she spoke about the importance of hygiene and how important it is to keep our teeth cleaning by brushing them.

Poppy, Alegria and Annabel shared with her that they all had a Peppa pig toothbrush.

We went for our daily Olympic sports with Liza and completed the obstacle course with confidence. Today we climbed, jumped, and had to go through the tunnel she made us.  We are really enjoying the obstacle course and request it daily now.

With Komalpreet we developed our fine motor control by cutting with the scissors, it will help us strengthen our small muscles in preparation for future writing skills.

We also had a creative paint experience with the building trucks, yellow and red paint and shaving foam. It was so much fun especially when we decided to use our hands and they got paint all over them.

What an adventurous day we had with lots of fun and laughter.

We hope you have a lovely evening,  and as the weather is getting sunny could we please start to put a sun hat in the children’s bag.

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