Hello, Crimson families. We love the weather these days! So warm and fresh breeze is blowing! Just a quick reminder to families: we like to remind you to bring a hat for your child. And please write your child’s name on it. Thank you.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and looked at a map to see the continents of the world. We also talked about the animals and foods on the map. After, we listened to our friend’s news. Today, Elliot presented us with news related to the topic. This week’s topic for news time is “Olympics and sports”.



Elliot – showed us some pictures of him playing sports. Amo explained to us, looking at those pictures “He enjoys playing rugby with his mummy. Also, he enjoys cycling, horse riding, gymnastics, swimming, and bushwalking. Viraj asked the question “Why he plays so many sports?”, Amol said, “Because he likes sports.”

Viraj showed us their special things from home.

Viraj –  showed us his special book. He explained “This is my piano book. You follow the numbers to play songs. You have to copy the numbers.” Arda asked the question “Where did you buy it?”, Viraj said “From the post office.”. Edward also asked the question “Why did you want to?”, Viraj’s answer was “Because post office person was very kind to me. So I wanted.”


Thank you, Elliot and Viraj to share the news!


After, it was time for the learning centre.

It was a special day today as we didn’t split into groups but worked in one group! All the children engaged in various activities and had a great time.

Children were invited to create flowers with coloured water. It was so interesting to watch the colours spread and overlap on the kitchen paper. After, they stuck flower on the black paper and decorated with a metallic pen. On another table, children cut, pasted and painted paper to make the Olympic torch. They also had the opportunity to explore the world by turning the globe. Playdough and Lego are always big hits. Today was no exception, many children enjoyed playing with them.


In the afternoon, all the children had a lovely time on the deck and in the yard.



It’s been another fun day! See you tomorrow.

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