Hello, Crimson families. What warm and beautiful weather today! The sun was so bright that we were sweating in our long sleeves!! Just a quick reminder to families: we like to remind you to bring a hat for your child. And please write your child’s name on it. Thank you.


At group time, we gathered on the mat and talked about We talked about our favourite sports. Some said football, some said gymnastics and some said swimming.  After, we listened to our friend’s news. Today, Maddison, Alexia, Evelyn and Ava presents us with news related to the topic. This week’s topic for news time is “Olympics and sports”.


Maddisonshowed us Woolworths Aussie Heroes Olympics & Paralympics book. She said “I got it from the shop. There are stickers inside. I like rugby the best. And I also like swimming.” Edward asked the question “Why did you get it?”, Maddison answered as “My dad wanted to see how the Olympics looks like.” Euan and Nicky said that they have the same book at home.

Alexia – showed us her green helmet. She said, “My mum gave it to me. I need to wear it to keep me safe when I ride a scooter.”. Viraj asked the question “Why you wanted to buy from the shop?”, Alexia answered “Because it protects my head.” She also showed us Peppa pig book. She said, “This book is about sports. They are having a running race.”

Evelyn – showed us 3 things, helmet, medal and horse. She said, “I got it from my mummy. I need to wear a helmet when I ride a bike. I take it off when I don’t do Olympic sports anymore. I made my medal with my mummy. My mum picked horse from horse garden”. She showed us how to put on her helmet, put the medal around her neck and mounted her horse.

Ava – showed us shakers made from a recycled bottle. She said “It’s a shaker. I put rice in it. I close the rid and put it back on. I can use it to cheer on the Olympic athletes.” Euan asked, “Can you shake it?”. Ava shacked it and made us listen to the sound.


Thank you, Maddison, Alexia, Evelyn and Ava to share the news!


After, it was time for the learning centre.

The children, who chose to stay inside continued making their flowers with coloured water. They were so enthusiastic about making flowers that many of the children made more than one! Another thing they enjoyed very much was kinetic sand. Children enjoyed the texture of it. They were somewhere between sand and playdough and were very stretchy!


The children who decided to play on the deck were busy preparing for tomorrow’s Crimson Olympic games. They made medals with cardboard and decollated them by drawing or putting on stickers. While making medals, children discussed the colours of the medals. Also, we agreed that we have to work hard to earn medals. After, Shona, Laura and Arya cooperatively built a beautiful castle for Tinker bells.


In the afternoon, all the children had a great time in the yard under the beautiful sunshine. Arda was so kind to his friends Viraj and Arya. He helped them going onto the monkey bars.

Thank you for the fun Thursday! See you tomorrow.

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