Happy Friday from everyone in the Emerald room! We have had another lovely week with lots of learning and activities.

During group time this morning, the children sat down to participate in reading stories together, singing songs and playing games. Group time is always a fun part of the day to engage the children in conversations and see how their vocabularies are expanding!

A little bit of yoga and then the children are ready for the day! We stretched our bodies up and down and enjoyed some relaxation time!

Our creations of ‘Jeans for Genes Day’ to support families and children with birth defects and genetic disorders continued today with more glitter! The children used the shaker to sprinkle the glitter all over their jeans!

We used our gross motor skills to post coloured balls into the tubes. We counted the balls together, identified their colours and filled up the tubes 😊

Thank you for a lovely week in the Emerald room. Today the children enjoyed dancing and finding shapes in the garden!

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