Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room … and this week is Science Week! This is going to be a fun week of experiments, exploring and curiosity as the children join in with exciting science activities 😊

Group time! The children had so much fun welcoming the new week with their friends and educators. With Cindy, the children played games and sang songs with her motion toys. They played with puppets with Sandra and explored Robyn’s new ‘Animal Encyclopaedia’ that had so many pictures of all types of animals!

Time for yoga! A great way to introduce the children to exercise and promote a healthy lifestyle through stretching and moving their bodies. We practiced our gross motor movements and breathing during the meditation section of the yoga session!

It’s Science Week in the Emerald room and the children started off the week with a fun experiment that just so happened to create a beautiful piece of artwork as well! The children used their hands to squeeze the glue in different shapes and swirls on their paper, before using their fingers to sprinkle salt on top. They watched as the salt crystallised on top of their paper and made pretty patterns! What fun 😊

We made bright pink playdough with Bernice and used cookie cutters to make fun animal shapes…

The children have had a lovely start to the week by exploring the sand pit, posting lolly sticks into formula tins and dancing our little socks off!

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