Good afternoon dear Aqua families, hope you all are doing well.

Our morning started with some indoor activities where Quinn and Alice enjoyed connecting some train tracks and made the longest track.

Teresia, Remi and Iris enjoyed the warm weather sliding on the slide demonstrating good turn taking skills.

Ethan, Molly and their peers decided to go on a bumpy ride where they pretended the see-saw was a bumpy train. Each child chose their destination and enjoyed their bumpy ride.

In learning centre, the children listened to stories and sang morning songs with Liza, Natasha and Katherine followed by discussions about fire engines and fire hose with Katherine.

Pasha, Henry and Elizabeth sang Nee-Naw song and mentioned that it is used to put fire out.

With Liza, children discussed about Marshmallow and its caring. Billy mentioned that we all should give her vegetables and Quinn added that Marshmallow loves to eat carrots and Broccoli.

Their existing knowledge were further extended using open-ended questions and intentional questions.

With Natasha we read the story Jeremy the Kookaburra and did some drawing art work.

Inside, the children explored bugs and patterns of bugs. They were encouraged to name the bugs and interpret their physical appearance via verbal communication.

All children enjoyed their time exploring Aqua room and had a great day.

Hope you all have a lovely evening.

Take care 😊

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