Happy Friday dear Aqua families, it was so good to have such a lovely sunny day.

Aqua children started their day by preparing some morning tea in the sandpit. Amelia, Celina and Alegria demonstrated good team work to make some morning tea for all their friends.

In the yard, Joey and Iris helped their peers to lift the tyres and roll them around the yard and later, both showed off their big muscles exclaiming “look at my strong muscles!”

Meanwhile, other children showed off their super cool moves and strength by participating in obstacle course.

In learning centre, children enjoyed listening to ‘We are going on a croc hunt” with Komalpreet and did the actions as per the song. With Katherine, children learnt Spanish by naming the animals in pictures.

Isabel and William were discussing colour mixing. So, to extend their curiosity, as per their request we hypothesised about what would be the end product of mixing blue and yellow, followed by the actual experiment

“It’s green!” exclaimed Isabel.

Molly and Henry enjoyed sensory play with foam. They showed great team work as they washed dirty dinosaurs and made them clean.

“We are same!”, said Alegria ~ both Alegria and Sophia shared cuddles mentioning that they have same hoodie, and they are the same now!

Later, Pasha decided to take all his peers to the zoo by driving the bus.

Aqua children enjoyed their day exploring the room.

Hope you all have a great day too.

Happy weekend and stay safe! 😊


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