Happy Monday everyone. The weekends go so quickly even when we are at home, we still are having too much fun.

We would like to welcome our new friend that has joined the Aqua group today, her name Isadiori. She had a very settled day and explored all areas, she enjoyed making dough and playing in the home corner. It was so nice getting to know you today and we look forward to supporting your development within the room.

The kitchen area was very busy today, the children made many wonderful foods for their friends. They also put the dolls to sleep for some rest.

Nishka brought a book to share, while Poppy played with the blocks, she built a big tower and when it fell, she built it up again.

Henry, Isabel and Nicholas built a big tower also with the brown blocks.

A small group made some wonderful funny faces. They used glue to stick their eyes on.

With Carolina the children made some playdough, they will use early onset maths when they make the dough.

We had a wonderful day today playing in the garden in the sunshine. Please can you send a sun hat so we can stay safe in the garden from the sun.

Have a lovely evening and stay safe.

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