Tuesday is here! It turns out that Science week is next week … but we are all very excited, so I guess we’ve started early! 😊 The children enjoyed different experiments today with their educators!

During group time, the children sat down to talk to their educators about different topics, science, experiments and animals! We also had fun wearing Carolina’s new hat …

It’s time for yoga! A chance for the children to exercise their gross motor skills, practice their animal poses and get their daily meditation in!

Let’s get curious! Today for our fun science experiments, the children tasted different food to see what was sour, salty and sweet! We tasted watermelon, lemon and salt together and made some funny facial expressions!

We also looked at ‘Crawling Colours’ by filling cups up with coloured water and watching them jump along to toilet roll! The children had lots of fun helping to fill the cups and talking about the colours they could see 😊

We wanted to be super prepared for Father’s Day this year … so we started with a fun tie art and craft! The children used a paintbrush to decorate a tie for Dad!

Today was a very fun day exploring different science experiments, playing in the sand and playing with play dough too 😊 See you tomorrow!

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