Hello Magenta Families, it was a great Tuesday!!

Alejandra was doing some yoga poses with the children, she explained the movements to them and the children tried to copy them. They were so happy doing Yoga.

Tima started the group time song and some of her favourite songs are “You Are My Sunshine”, “Good Morning” songs in different languages ​​and the days of the week. They sang the song “ABC” and listened to some stories. We shared toys and treasures from home because the letter of the week is “Gg”, and the children were excited to show them to everyone.

Leo: ” My mum is my sunshine”

Isaac: ´´My mum and Dad are my sunshine´´

Today we were so excited  to welcome our new friends from Aqua, we have lots of fun things planned and look forward to getting to know our new friends. In group time Tima was reading some books and one of those was “ One Mole Digging a Hole”  with all the animals lending a hand and plenty to giggle at on every page counting 1 to 10, Also one story about the letter “G g” had a gorilla, goat, green, golden to practice our letter of the week. The last book was “Three Billy goats Gruff”

Elaria:  “I like the three Billy goats story”

Isabelle ´´I like the goats ´´

Alannah said that ´´I it like too´´.

Isla said ´´I like the green troll”

Alice said “ I like the green troll  and green grass.

What a great day we had,

Have a relaxing night and see you tomorrow.

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