Good Afternoon everyone, Happy Friday!!


The Magenta group started Yoga with Daniel to warm up our bodies and prepare our minds for the day. It is a great way to encourage the children to participate in exercise and can enhance their gross motor skills, balance and coordination!

We enjoyed coming together for group time. We sang Good Morning, then talked about the days of the week, the date, and weather. Poppy went outside to check the weather and said: “it’s sunny” and then she started to draw a beautiful happy sun on the board. Eddie asked: “could I write the letter of the week?” and he then wrote it on the board. The children have also been enjoying stories including Three Billy Goats Gruff. This story explores themes such as bravery and problem solving as the goats have to think of creative ways to evade the troll. Later, during free play, Eddie re-enacted the story, being the troll under the ‘bridge’ as Thomas walked over the bridge to safety.


During learning centre time, the children engaged in some gross motor activities, practicing balancing on the stepping stones or beam, and running and jumping. We finished off our Olympic Games theme today – well done they won 14 gold medals!


Some children spent time with exploring magnets and playdough, whilst Charlotte and Isabelle enjoyed playing in Home Corner making food for their friends. Olivia, Isabelle and Poppy were outside and made a castle.

Have a lovely weekend!






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