Happy Wednesday 😊 As we continue with Science week, the children are learning so much and are becoming curious and excited to explore new activities!

Let’s begin with group time! Ekta talked about volcanoes and showed the children some pictures. The children showed their ‘bunny ears’ to Robyn as they sang lots of different nursery rhymes. We love to talk to the children about the activities planned for the day to get them excited to learn!

Yoga time! Together we stretched our bodies, jumped around, practiced animal poses and meditated a little …

Classic science experiment! The children loved learning all about volcanoes today! They used sand, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create an explosion! It was a huge mess but we had a great time!

Our children have been learning about their senses this week! Today the children used their sense of smell to test out some different … aromas. We used our little noses to sniff out things like mint, flowers and burnt toast! What fun 😊

Today, the children also made their own lava lamps using oil and coloured water. The children used their fine motor skills to pinch the pipets and squeeze oil into their water.

We have had such a lovely day experimenting and playing … Alix even found a lizard!

“Look! A little lizard”

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