It is so good to have another warmer and sunny day.

We started our warm morning with some  self-selected activities where Madeleine and Remi decided to pat their babies, Iris took a ride with some fire engines and Alice, Maya and Sophia E. decided to go on a picnic.

Nicholas, Henry and Madeleine enjoyed constructing roads for the cars and showed great teamwork!

Meanwhile, some of our friends enjoyed their morning tea together with their peers.

Outside, Isla, Remi, Claire and Alison enjoyed playing on the seesaw exhibiting good turn taking skills.

In learning centre, the children discussed bugs with Donna whereas with Katherine, the children discussed the importance of people in the community like Doctors,  and with Liza, the children discussed their emotions.

Followed by activities, where the children engaged in pretend play with hospital props and pretended to become doctors and nurses and took care of their friends.

Henry and Pasha were busy writing and typing names of patients visiting our doctor office.

Likewise, Alegria examined the dog’s ear carefully.

Claire was busy helping some children give medicines to others and helped her fellow doctors to provide medicines.

With Donna and Liza, the children went on a bug-scavenger hunt, where the children were encouraged to complete a check list of bugs and insects.

Ethan mentioned that he found a fly, Nicholas mentioned that he found lots of spiders and spider webs.

India and Remi found some flies too!

Therefore, at the end, all our children were able to find spiders, spider webs and flies.

The day was full of fun and exploration. Hope you all have a good day too.

Have a very good evening and stay safe!

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