Thursday is here! The children enjoyed being outside in the sunshine today and participating in more Science activities 😊

We had fun during group time, singing songs, playing games and reading books together. It’s a wonderful way to enhance literacy skills and language!

Our daily yoga session involved a lot of stretching and animal poses. We love to practice our dog and butterfly poses during yoga. Our gross motor skills are improving and we are getting stronger each day that we do yoga! Well done everyone 😊

Science week continues with more experiments! Today we tested another of our sense … touch. The children were introduced to different objects with different textures and talked about how they felt. The children enjoyed exploring the ice and said it was cold, brrrr!

Another fun experiment left us a little messy … The children enjoyed watching colours move around in milk. They used cotton buds dipped in soap and then dipped into the milk to make the colours move!

All in all … another fantastic day of learning in the Emerald room! 😊

And a Happy Happy Birthday to Hugo! We celebrated Hugo’s birthday with Alice, cupcakes and all his friends!

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