Happy Wednesday Magenta families and hope your day has been going well.

This morning we welcomed all our friends as they arrived and had a lovely morning tea to start our day.

Today for group time we sung our good morning songs in different languages aswell as the days of the week and chatted about the letter of the week.

Some of our morning activities were gross motor with Alejandra using our stepping stones and balance beams working on our body movements and balance.

With Tima we did some face painting with the dolls and we had a lot of laughs creating beautiful artwork. After the face painting we then cleaned the dolls and talked abut how at the end of the day having a bath or shower and washing our bodies keeps us nice and healthy.

Some of our other activities today were building blocks, drawing, mini lego, group puzzles and craft with craft paper.

Hope you all have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.

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