Good Afternoon Magenta families and we hope you have had a lovely day,

Today was a day full of fun activities and experiences. During yoga Daniel was practicing different animal positions and all the children liked the lion and crocodile poses the best.

after some morning yoga the children were playing in the yard with the large obstacle course and building as well as the cubby house lately which has been really popular.

As the lovely morning went on it was time for group time. We started with a song in Spanish that describes the parts of the face with actions. Tima shared some new books with the group about monsters, mysteries and dinosaurs and another about fish that the children enjoyed.

Thomas said, “He liked the book, the dinosaur daddy and the mommy”.

Isabella said that” if we took the fish out of the water they would die”.

Emmeline said, “She went to the swimming pool yesterday”.

At the end of group time, Daniel took the children to the crimson area for some other activities. Luca, Levi and Isla were very happy to see the animals in the crimson yard and Isabella and Olivia were making a cake. We also had a chat about how we can look after our animals with fresh water and lots of cuddles and take care of them so they are happy and healthy.

We celebrated Zoe´s birthday with biscuits that She brought from home to share with her new friends in Magenta. Happy Birthday Zoe!! we are so happy to share your special day with you.

With Tima we made a group rainbow mural painting and then made our very own rainbow paining that we are planning to display on our wall,  as spring time is the best time to search for rainbows in the sky as the spring rain will be soon approaching.

It was a fun filled day with lots of laughter and learning.

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