Hello, Crimson families. Another hot day!! Again, the children had a great time in the yard under beautiful sunshine. Just a quick reminder to families: we like to remind you to bring a hat for your child. And please write your child’s name on it. Thank you.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and said hello to Oli, Jeffrey and other children who hadn’t been Crimson for a while. After, we listened to our friend’s news. Today, Evelyn and Alexia presented us with the news.

Evelyn – showed us bracelets. She explained “I’ve got this from my grandma. She got it from Australia. She actually lives in Australia. It’s for my little sister too. Because she likes to play with it too. They are easily broken so I can’t untie it. “. Ava asked the question “Why your grandma let you have it?”, Evelyn answered “Because my sister wanted. It makes cool sounds.”


Alexia – showed us the flag that she made and the book. She said, “I made this flag. I put stamps I have in my room. I’m not sure which country’s flag it is.”. So we looked up the blue, white and red flags on the internet. And we found out it was the French flag! Euan had a question “Where did you get all the things from?”, Alexia answered, “I made it. I drew it. “. Nicky also asked the question “How did you stick it together?”, Alexia’s answer was “With sticky tape.”.


Thank you, Evelyn and Alexia to share the news! The topic for this week is ‘Countries of interest’. Ideas include traditional clothes, pictures, flags, books about the country or written in the language of the country.


After, it was time for the learning centre.

Children engaged in various activities in the room and on the deck. The children, who hadn’t yet decorated the flowers they had created with watercolours, were busy doing the rest of it. Other children enjoyed sensory play with kinetic sand.


In the room, another group of children extended their interest in the continents again. Today, children watched a short video clip and gained knowledge about the traditional costumes of children around the world. After, Shoko showed a picture of her family wearing a kimono, a traditional Japanese costume. Some children showed strong interest in thinking about the design of clothes, so we decided to cut paper in the shape of clothes and draw the design on it.


In the afternoon, children enjoyed relaxing time with their friends in the yard and on the deck.


It was such a fun day!! See you tomorrow.

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