Welcome Crimson families, it is amazing weather for the children to explore the outdoor environment this morning. The children were actively involved in physical activities such as running, jumping and hopping. During morning teatime, the children expressed their interest in countries, flags and languages spoken around the world. They were discussing about creating flags of different countries by looking at the world globe and ATLAS.

During group time children brought their News Time about this week’s topic “Country of Interest.”

Edward: “I brought the flags of country made by my mom and me. She made countries like England, Australia, New Zealand, and others. Would like to share these and color it with my friends. She is also from England and my daddy is from Australia. Australia has six stars on their flag.”

Evelyne: “I drew this for my mommy, and I will keep it safe for her.”

Jack: “I got my Ventolin from my house. I brought this from shop with my mummy. I need it when it is hard for me to breathe. It is also found at chemist to buy.”

Laura: “I got this book from shop in woolies. The book is named as ‘Hush, little possum’. Little possums are found in Australia, and I love them.”

All the children had shown impressive understanding about different countries and subject of News Time. They were greatly confident and responsive about their news. During open ended questioning Edward, Laura, Jack, and Evelyn were able to answer all questions. They also expressed their vast knowledge about different nations, culture, and ways of knowing multiple languages. Through continuous interaction and communications in News Time, the children are enhancing their knowledge of creating, improvising, and imagining.

Following with News Time, the children drew colours on flags of different countries and used their visual skills to draw on their own. While drawing on flags, there was open discussions between children about countries, languages, and interesting facts. They were pointing out different countries through flags on the ATLAS and saying “Hello” to each other in different languages. Children were contributing their ideas on a range of opportunities for individual and shared experiences.

An early self-selected and spontaneous fun learning happened during learning center time. Children create their first windmill by cutting paper, sticking them together and using skewers to place them on top of the fence. They chose their own colours of paper and sticks to make their own windmill. While making windmills. the children were excited about how these can run through wind and without touching. They carried them and put them together where it is fast flow of air and easy to see for everybody.

For physical growth and development of children, they participated in physical activities such as soccer, monkey bar, cubby house, skateboard and others. They expressed a range of skills to build their confidence, fine and gross motor skills through physical involvement. While building physical activities, the children were also developing socio- emotional skills through collaborative play with other peers.

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