Today was a great day in the Magenta room. Daniel was reading a new book about dogs and how Important it is to look after them.

After that, the children were doing some activities in the yard with Tima, and they were acting like dogs! It was such a funny moment with the children.

Charlotte said “ I am drawing a little cow”.

Olivia said “I am drawing a fish from the Tv”

Elise and Isla were making some food for the baby and Isla said that “I am helping Elise to do that”

In the group time, Tima started with a new song called ABC and after that Tima was reading a new books as well called ‘The pear in the pear’ and she was showing examples with an apple for the children. The next book was ‘Tree and tree spot´s sure hunt’.

Leo said “I like to eat pear”

Alice, Sara and Thomas said “me too”

Next week we will be learning the letter “F, f”

Alejandra and Daniel went to the Crimson yard to improve the Children gross motor skills and they also had fun in the sand pit pretending to made food for their friends and in the cubby house they balances on wheels.

We had a great week 😊

Happy Friday.

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