It’s Monday again! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 The children have had a lovely day using their senses during a fun activity!

During group time this morning, the children used their sense of hearing to listen to funny noises with Afroz and they sang songs with Sandra. We also use this time to read lots of books together!

We kicked off the week with our daily yoga session! The children used their gross motor skills to create different animal poses that we have been working on together throughout the year. Today, the children enjoyed being dolphins swimming in the water!

The children had so much fun learning about their senses last week for ‘Science Week’, that we decided to continue into this week! Today the children used their sense of smell to sniff out smells like flowers and burnt toast. They also used their sense of touch to feel different materials underneath the flaps! The materials were soft, rough and shiny!

Today the children enjoyed driving the big red car, dancing to music and building towers with wooden blocks. We’ve had a fabulous day 😊

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