Happy Tuesday! The children have had another lovely day learning and exploring together 😊

The children enjoyed sitting down for group time with their educators. Together they read their favourite books! One of the books read today was ‘Dear Zoo’, a classic and a favourite for the children in the Emerald room. They love to lift the flaps to find different zoo animals!

Yoga today was lots of fun! The children were keen to get started and loved helping to set up the mats and take each other’s shoes and socks off! We started with some gross motor movements, jumping and stretching to warm up the body before practicing our animal poses and finishing with some relaxation and meditation.

More science activities this week because one week wasn’t enough! Today the children explored mixing colours by using water, food colouring and tissue! They loved seeing the bright colours change 😊

We also experimented with light and shadows! We used a torch, animals and shapes cut out of paper to create a shadow on the wall! The children loved watching the animals and shapes come to life on the wall and had so much fun!

The children had such a fun day playing together and lifting up flaps on cardboard to discover different images underneath and using their sense of smell to sniff out things like flowers, mint and burnt toast!

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