Such sunny day’s we are having and the children have been happily exploring outdoors.

Maya and Elizabeth joined each other at the block table and built a big house, they used cognitive skills to complete the base and then built walls around the sides.

A group of the children enjoyed the dolls area set up under the tree. They sat together talking about feeding their babies and putting them to bed. Molly said she was feeding her and the baby as she pretended to take a bit out of pretend chicken.

William became the shop keeper and served his peers when they came to shop. ‘’10 dollar’’ please he said as he put his hand out to be paid.

The lovely ladies made some funny face poses with Liza then hahahaha.

Group time came and our new friends from nursery joined us. They did some really good listen at Katherines group time, they especially liked when she got the frogs out and sang songs with her. They also named the colours of the frogs.

Liza group enjoyed the ‘’Old Mc Donald’’ picture board and were so engrossed in the learning.

After group time the children joined their teachers for learning centre time. Donna’s group went on a bug hunt to see what insects we could find. Today again we found spiders and flies. We were really hoping we would find a caterpillar and ladybugs, please keep an eye out in your garden at home for some for us and if you have a jar please bring him along to school the next day so we can explore them.

After our trip to the garden we came back and creatively made our own bugs using different shapes, the children made some amazing bugs.

With Katherine the children joined her to trace the first letter of their name, the children were so engrossed in their painting they worked hard to put the dots on their letter.

With Komalpreet the children did body painting, they worked as a team and completed the art work together.

We hope you had a lovely day and enjoy your evening.

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