Today was such a fun filled day at the Aqua room. The children have been playing so nicely  together its so nice to hear so much laughter within the group.

Our new friends from Emerald  have had such a fun day today, they are settling well and exploring all areas within the room. They especially enjoyed the dino world today. Theo told Donna they were little ones.

Noah and Rory enjoyed time in the sandpit digging with the shovels.

A small group joined Katherine on the yoga mats to complete some yoga poses. They rested their bodies and got ready for their day ahead.

Learning centre time came and the children joined Donna at the Crimson yard to hunt for bugs, we unfortunately saw no bugs today but we came back and made some amazing bugs, please come see them displayed on the wall, the children made amazing bugs.

With Katherine the children refined their fine motor skills using cotton buds to make marks on their paper.

Some of the children had some fun times putting the sun glasses on.

What a fun Wednesday we had. We hope you had a lovely day and have a nice evening.

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