Wednesday has arrived and the children were excited to participate in some fun activities with their friends and educators.

Group time was a fun part of the day where the children sat down to listen to stories and join in with nursery rhymes. We have so much fun during group times and it can benefit the children’s listening skills, turn taking and vocabulary!

We love yoga! The children had a great time during their yoga session today. They stretched their bodies and jumped around, working on their gross motor skills. They practiced animal poses and enhanced their balance and coordination too!

Last week, we made a volcano for ‘Science Week’, so this week … we painted one using a zip-lock bag! The children used their hands and fingers to push the paint inside the bag up as if the volcano was erupting!

The children loved playing with Carolina’s mermaids in the water today! They used the small world toys to splash around and make-believe with each other. The children also went to find some other animals that can swim or like to splash in water too!

We used our sensory skills to explore some slime with Affa! She used chia seeds and cornflour to create a lovely slime! The children enjoyed using their hands to feel around in the tub and play with the little frogs!

Everyone has had a terrific time in the Emerald room today! We played with playdough and dug holes in the sand pit.

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