Hello, Crimson families. It was a very warm day again today. Just a quick reminder to families: we like to remind you to bring a hat for your child. And please write your child’s name on it. Thank you.

During group time, we gathered on the mat and listened to our friend’s news. Today, Shona, Arya, Viraj and Belian and Oscar W presented us with the news.


Shona – shared her book ‘Girl and Crow’. She said, “I brought this book because I wanted to share the story with my friends.” Arda asked the question “Which one is your favourite page?”. She opened one page and explained the reason as “I like this page because it was where she needed to have some food.”


Oscar Wshowed us bird nest. He explained “I think this is a pigeon nest. I found it and keep it in a container so it’s safe from other birds. My mummy said I can bring it to daycare.“


Belian showed us a rabbit puppet. He said, “I got rabbit from home. I got it at the toy shop, I was with my mummy and sister. Rabbit is wild animal. I saw them on the beach one day.”. He then took a rabbit puppet around and let the other children touch it.


Aryabrought a rock. She explained “I brought an oval rock. This is oval but rocks come with different shapes like circle, square, and triangle.”


Viraj – showed us a red car. He said “This is my red car. It has 4 wheels. And wheels make the car run.” We all agreed we need to use STEM to build cars.


Thank you, Arya, Shona, Viraj, Belian and Oscar W to share the news! The topic for this week is ‘STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).


After, it was time for the learning centre.

The Group of children who stayed inside enjoyed making playdough. Children demonstrated pre-numeracy and literacy as they needed to read a recipe to make perfect blended playdough. They checked the ingredients first, then measured each one out and mixed them in a large bowl. They decided to make it green, and they all worked together to mix it with paddle pop sticks. The finished playdough was very smooth and everyone seemed to be very happy.


On the deck, another group of children engaged in a science experiment. We began with a discussion about the continents of the world, which the children have been learning about recently, and the different climates of each of them. Shoko also explained that in cold countries, when it snows and the roads are icy, they sometimes spread salt to help the snowmelt. So, we divided into two groups and conducted an experiment to see which melted faster, the ice without anything on it or the ice with salt on it. The children used an eyedropper to pour water over the ice to melt it. In the end, we came to the conclusion that salt would melt the ice faster!!!

See you tomorrow.

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