It’s Thursday! Everyone has had a fabulous day with their friends and enjoyed various activities throughout the day 😊

Of course, we started with group time! The children sat down to join in and read with their educators. Together they decided which books to read and songs to sing! Today we read ‘Dazzling Diggers’, a lovely book about … you guessed it, diggers! It’s one of our favourites 😊

The children had a lot of fun practicing their yoga poses and moving their bodies this morning! It is so much fun to see the children learn and grow each day, their physical development, coordination and balance is improving all the time!

We’ve spent the day creating super-secret Father’s Day artwork … Shh! We had a lot of fun doing it too!

Today we enjoyed playing in the sand pit, drawing pictures together, solving puzzles and dancing! Thank you for a lovely day and see you tomorrow!

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